Thank you for Booking us!

We are excited about your event.

This page has information to ensure that everything goes smoothly so please read carefully. 

If you have questions, send us an email at We’re happy to help.

power Access

We require access to 110v, 10amps, 3 prong outlet within 20 feet of our location.

Studio Booth Space

Our set up needs a minimum of 7x9 feet of space, although 10x10 feet of space is preferred.  We also need a vertical clearance of 8 feet.

Set Up Time

We commit to being completely set up at least 1 hour prior to our scheduled start time.  If our set up time will be a distraction at your event or if you just want us to be set up more than one hour before our scheduled start time, you can add Idle Time.

Vendor Requirements

Venues may have special requirements for vendors like insurance, loading times and parking.  It's your responsibility to check with your venue well before the event if there are any vendor requirements and let us know what they are.

Access & Parking

We have heavy equipment and need access to the vendor loading area if applicable.  We also need nearby parking.  Please check with your venue if passes/ permits are required.


If your event will be serving alcohol, we suggest providing a small round table for guests to place their drinks and belongings.

Wifi Access

We need a data connection to enable photo sharing functions.  Please check if your venue has wifi and request the password.  A wifi connection is preferred but we also provide our own wireless hotspot as a backup.  Although we don't anticipate any issues, we cannot guarantee instant delivery since we cannot control connectivity.  If there are connection problems shared photos will be queued and delivered once connectivity is restored.